Jakov Gavran

was born in Zagreb, Croatia, on 17th September 1988.
He completed secondary school at the School of Applied Arts and Design – Painting Dept., Zagreb in 2007.
He earned his bachelor's degree in Acting and Puppetry at the Academy of Art in Osijek in June, 2011 and his masters in July 2013.
He is active in classical fencing – foil fencing – historical fencing, puppet building, and choreography and organisation of chivalry tournaments.
He won the Zlatna Murva award for best young actor at the Theatre under the Mulberry Tree Festival in Skradin for the role of Adolph Hitler in the play Dr Freud's Patient in August, 2011.

Theatre roles:

Vilim Korajc/Nenad Stazić: The Senators of Auvergnan
Požega City Theatre, Požega, 2010
Role: Smola; Directed by: Robert Raponja

Neil Simon: The Apartment
Croatian National Theatre, Osijek, 2010
Roles: Borden;Room Service Boy; Directed by: Olivera Đorđevič

Bertolt Brecht: The Threepenny Opera
Croatian National Theatre, Osijek, 2010
Role: Eddy; Directed by: Željko Vukmirica

Miro Gavran: Dr Freud's Patient
GAVRAN Theatre, Zagreb, 2011
Role: Adolph Hitler; Directed by: Robert Raponja

Miro Gavran: Night of the Gods
GAVRAN Theatre, Zagreb, 2013
Role: jester
Directed by: Robert Raponja

Jacques S. Matthiessen: Why Me
Mala scena, Croatia & Landskrona Theatre, Sweden
& Passepartout Theatre, Denmark, 2014.
Role: young man
Directed by: Jacques S. Matthiessen

Miro Gavran: Beer
Theater GAVRAN, Zagreb, 2015.
Role: son Ivo
Directed by: Helena Buljan

Languages (apart from native Croatian):
- English (fluent)
- German (passive)